Why List Your Business With Us

If you are interested in selling your business FAST, then choosing a business broker to help you is possibly the most important decision you will make during the sales process. If you have looked around, you will know it makes sense to list with us! Here are the top reasons to list your property with us:

– We specialize in businesses for sale and this since 2003.
– We actively search for buyers and market your business to our database of registered buyers (over 3,200).
– We share your business with our network of local and international partners (over 900).
– We syndicate our listings with the most popular real estate portals and business for sale portals locally and globally.
– We advertise in popular local and national printed media throughout Spain.
– We publish your business on Facebook as well as other efficient social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.
– We carry out transaction negotiations, handle all paperwork and deadlines, and review all settlements and closing documents.

Listing Your Business